Sanlv has the advanced and systematic production lines of pomelos, Involving automatic cleaning, reflowing, grading, automatic box folding machines,that improves production efficiency and ensures timely deliveries.Sanlv has planting, Monitor the flowering and fruiting to comply with the food safety guidelines,Has three quality checks on the production line; one for cleaning, one for grading and one for packing to ensure the goods. Sanlv has GAP, BSCI, and FDA certificates to provide high-quality assurance for high-quality products.



Sanlv is the provincial key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Fujian Province. Our brand is a well-known trademark in Fujian.

We are the first factory to export Pinghe pomelos to the USA.

We have exported our products to European countries, Southeast countries and Middle-eastern districts over 17years,builded a long-standing,Win-win cooperation with the clients.



  • 2022

    Continuously explore and optimize the growing,production,management and distribution systems to provide the best quality fruit to consumers around the world.

  • 2020

    After many years of negotiations,Pinghe honey pomelo was exported to the United States for the first time in 2020.Our company was loading the first container of honey pomelos to the United States.

  • 2015

    Expanded the factory,updated the production equipment and built a factory with 10,000 square meters of automated equipment

  • 2005

    Exported Pinghe Honey pomelos to European Union

  • 1998

    Prepared for the establishment of Pinghe Sanlv Fruits &Vegetables Co. Ltd.Started to grow Pinghe honey pomelo and sell it and other fresh fruits in China