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  1. How dose supply the honey pomelo?

    Honey pomelo is growing in the mountain area nearby the river.it is full of juice,sweet,and light fragrant taste.
    Fruit Name: Honey Pomelo.
    Colors: Light green,lemon yellow.
    Harvest: Mid of Aug. till the end of Dec.Every year.
    Origin: PingHe Country
    Own Orchards: 500 ha.
    Supply Quantity: 8 million tons.
    Supply Season: Aug¡ªnext Feb.25weeks
    Certificate: EUREPGAP,HACCP,ISO9000.
    Brand: GUANXI.
    Markets: UK,US, Europe,Southeast Asia, Janpan,Korea, Dubai,Saudi Arab, ect.

  2. What is pomelo?

    The pomelo is the largest member in the citrus family and grows throughout Asia,Malaysia,Tahiti,New Guinea,and Fiji.The fruit may be called pummelo,grapefruit,shaddock,or jabong.Shaddock is not clearly as an Asian word.

  3. How does the size and weight of pomelo?

    Larger than a grapefruit, the pomelo is juicy,sweet, with a very thick skin. The fruit is like pear shape, but is far larger. It can be close to 10 inches (25 cm) across at its widest point and weigh up to 14 pounds (about 6 kg).

  4. What time is the harvest of pomelo?

    Pomelo ripen from Augest, the harvest time is from the middle of Aug.to Dec.They can often be found in local grocery stores,supermarkets,and department-stores throughout the world around the end of next February.

  5. How does the climate for growth of pomelo?

    The pomelo has a light green rind that becomes mostly lemon yellow when fully ripe .The interior of the fruit is translucent when ripe. The pomelo is tropical or near-tropical and flourishes naturally at low altitudes close to the sea .Pinghe County is season wind of southern Asian tropic climate.Average temperature of year 21.3`C, rainfall over1700mm,never frost time 318days .Climate is is amenities in all the year round. It is the best place of honey pomelo propagation.

  6. How does pomelo use in China?

    Chinese cooks use the pomelo in various foods, but primarily for desserts.The rind can be candied or is used in dessert soups.The peel may be used to add flavor to main courses.China export the pomelo and use the peels in marmalade.

  7. What are the pomelo's food uses and others uses?

    Food Uses

    The skinned segments of GuanXi Honey pomelo can be broken apart and used in salads and desserts or made into preserves. The extracted juice is an excellent beverage.The peel can be candied. One-fourth of a GuanXi Honey Pomelo (200grams) has 60 calories and provides 130%of the Vitamin C recommended for the day. It is sodium,fat and cholesterol free and is a source of potassium.

    Besides to be a tasty fruit, GuanXi Honey Pomelo also functions a lot in the nutrition field. It contains several kinds of vitamins , sugar and more than ten sorts of other mineral components as magnesium, calcium, copper, aluminum, titanium and ect, especially richer in magnesium,calcium and copper than other fruit. As researched, the GuanXi Honey Pomelo can adjust human body metabolism, reduce blood pressure, clear throat, relieve a cough and contribute to a better appetite. It can also help those who take in too much alcoholic.

    Other Uses

    Medicinal Uses: In the Philippines and Southeast Asia, decoctions of the leaves, flowers, and rind are given for their sedative effect in cases of epilepsy, chorea and convulsive coughing, The hot leaf decoction is applied on swellingd and ulcers. The fruit juice is taken as a febrifuge . The sarcocarps are employed against coughs, dyspepsia and lumbago. Gum that exudes from declining trees is collected and taken as a cough remedy in Brazil . An essence prepared from the flowersis taken to overcome insomnia, also as a stomachic, and cardiac tonic. The pulp is considered an effective aid in the treatment of urinary disorders. Leaf extractions have shown antibiotic activity.

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